Alight Motion Pro
Alight Motion Pro

Alight Motion Mod (Pro) APK is the professional motion designing application. With this APK, you can create high-quality motion graphics, animations, video editing and much more!


Alight Motion Mod APK is a motion graphics and video editing application. An editor can make his world of staggering designs using Alight Motion Pro. This application was launched in 2018 by Alight Creative lnc. Initially, it was designed for Android; later, it came for IOS, PC, and MAC .

Alight Motion Pro APK is a top trending motion and animation designing app. You can add multiple layers to your videos to make them vivid and promising. Moreover, this editing app provides you with a wide range of vectors and bit-mapping facilities to give life to your art.

why Alight Motion Pro?

Alight Motion Pro is for everyone. Also, it does not matter if you are a basic designer or a Pro in editing; it works like a charm for both. YouTubers can make their thumbnails or add different effects to their videos. Likewise, social media or business enthusiasts can design stunning ads and post with the handy tools of this application.

Moreover, this Pro APK has several premium features and effects which are not included in a simple Alight Motion APK. Therefore, you must choose the Pro Alight Motion version to get the maximum benefits of it. Although the premium subscription to Alight Motion demands some charges, however, you can get it for free as well. For free access to premium features, you need to download Alight Motion Mod APK given below. This mod APK is also known Alight Motion APK Unlocked.

Alight Motion Without Watermark

The standard version of Alight Motion can help in removing the Watermark tag. However, you can get relief from this watermark by using the Alight Motion Pro APK No Watermark. This facility is available in the mod file given below.

Download Alight Motion Pro APK

Alight Motion Pro
Alight Motion Mod




Keyframe animation is a most splendid and likable feature of the AM Pro APK. The feature allows you to animate video frame by frame. Besides, you can use the default and custom elements in this app. So, Alight motion mod makes your video animation process worthy.

Alight Motion Key Animation
Key Animation


Another outstanding feature is the number of visual effects available in AM MOD APK. These inbuilt effects make your video livelier and more creative. There are more than 1000 effects in Alight Motion Premium. You can test these effects in your videos and images without any problem.

Alight Motion Visual Effects
Visual Effects


Editors can add and adjust multiple layers in the videos thanks to the blending modes. As a result, you can fully adjust the size, shape and opacity of each layer. That’s how Alight Motion APK Unlocked helps you coordinate layers as you want. Evidently, it helps a lot in making videos splendid.

Blending Modes
Blending Modes


You will love this app when you know it has up to 2000 built-in fonts. Moreover, these fonts are super attractive and dynamic, which makes your video vibrant. Also, if you want to use your custom text font, you can do it as well in this app.

Alight Motion Pro APK Fonts


Alight Motion Mod and Pro APK provides you with a vector graphics facility. You can add these vector images to the animation of your videos. Nevertheless, touch of these 2D and 3D shapes makes your motion graphics phenomenal.

Alight Motion Mod APK Vector Graphics
Vector Graphics


One fundamental aspect of this wonderful APK is multiple export formats. AM Pro APK offers GIF, JPEG, XML, PNG and MP4 formats. Therefore, you can export a single video frame or a complete video on multiple platforms in these formats.

Alight Motion APK
Export Formats


  • No distraction of ads in the Alight Motion Mod APK.
  • All premium features are unlocked and free.
  • Various aspect ratios for different frames of videos, such as 16:9, 4:5, 4:3 and many more.
  • 180p to 1440p resolution.
  • 12 fps to 60 fps frame rates for videos.
  • Multiple layers of videos, images and audio.
  • Unlocked everything (All features and effects).
  • Reuse layers and styles if required.
  • Enable you to list priority designs or drafts to reuse them for other projects.
  • Easiest video editing with the help of makers.
  • Use maximum default objects or add custom objects in the videos.
  • Change the distance and position of the object.
  • XML support.
  • The Chroma key is also available.
  • User-friendly interface.


Features of Alight Motion


It would be good if you watch video tutorials about using the Alight Motion application. Afterwards, it becomes more easy for you to edit your project on this app by using its unique functionalities. Check the YouTube channel given below:


Alight Motion Mod APK Latest Version

The new updates in the recent version are the Echo Keyframes and Unsharp Mask.

  • Echo Keyframes:

Echo keyframes is the most recent effect of Alight Motion. With the help of this new effect, you can make more than one echo and copies of the layers. According to the keyframe, this copied effect will apply whenever you want at any point of video.

  • Unsharp Mask:

Along with the echo keyframe, another latest effect is unsharp mask. It offers to advance the level of perceptual sharpness of videos and photos by adjusting the contrast around the edges.

Alight Motion Mod APK Old Versions

Alight Motion v4.3

This version has three new effects, which are discussed below:

  • Contour Strips:

In addition to this effect, you create render strips on paper material by using layer luminance.

  • Raster Extrude:

Raster Extrude is a valuable addition to your 3D objects. As it allows 3D raster extrusion layer rendering by considering transparent pixels and opaque within the layers.

  • Star Polyhedron:

Further, the Star Polyhedron uses the surface texture to render a faux-3D star polyhedron shape.

Alight Motion v4.2

The best thing about this version is the clipping mask. I have written a complete clipping mask tutorial for you people. So, please check this as well in my Clipping Mask guide.

Alight Motion v4.1

There are three updates launched in this version which are the following:

  • Page Curl:

This page curl effect enables you to curl the page upwards from the bottom edge of the layer as if it is made of paper.

  • Luma Stamper:

It excludes the layer mask by considering the pixels. Also, it allows you to clip out noise from the different areas of the layers. After this, you can apply the mask to add a suitable shade or colors to your object.

  • Streak Strips:

These streak strips divide the layer into equal sizes of strips after that stretches from the centre of rows based on the pixels required in each to fill all strip.

Alight Motion v4.0.4

AM Pro APK 4.0.4 provided several features, which are the following:

  • Copy and Paste of Layers:

When you make a layer, you can copy and paste this same layer style into your future videos whenever you want.

  • Zoom and Pan

Now you can zoom in and pan the objects and their position in your video to give your art more dynamic.

  • Layer Parenting:

Now you can choose a parent layer and associate it with other multiple child layers. Thus, you can handle all your layers as per your parent layer.

  • Camera Objects:

Several camera objects were added in this version for editors, which they add to their videos.

  • Other Features:

There are also some other features which are the Addition of Scale Assist, Parenting Helper, Layer Solo, Grid, and other new fantastic tools.

Alight Motion v5.0

Good News, the new update of Alight Motion 5.0 provides you with some amazing latest features. Let’s have a look at these features: 

  • Template Editor:  With this feature, you can swap media in a second. 
  • Creator Rewards: Now you can get shopping vouchers and the latest library of presets and templates that you can download easily. 
  • Time Remapping: An editor can edit the speed of the videos with the help of time remapping.
  • Presets: This enables you to save, apply and share the presets. 
  • New Effects: The latest addition to the new effects batch.

If you want to use these video editing features in your alight motion app then update it now. And If you still didn’t download this app then go up and click on the download button to have this application on your smartphone.


Here are the requirements that you need for installing and using Alight Motion Mod APK in your Android:

Android VersionAlight Motion requires Android 6.0 or higher to run properly.
Storage SpaceThe app requires a minimum of 100MB of storage space on your device.
ProcessorThe app requires a processor with a minimum of 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU or higher.
RAMThe app requires a minimum of 2GB of RAM to run smoothly.
Internet ConnectionAn active internet connection is required for some features, such as downloading additional content and sharing your creations online.
Graphics CardIt requires a graphics card that can support OpenGL ES 3.0 for advanced graphics features.
PermissionsThe app requires access to your device’s camera, microphone, and storage to capture and edit videos.
UpdatesAlight Motion Pro should be updated regularly to access new features, bug fixes, and security patches.
Alight Motion For Android

Likewise other high-end applications, it also demands a significant space in your mobile device. Your smartphone should have 2GB RAM to operate this application effortlessly. However, it is available for low-end memory smartphones too. Hence, when your mobile has approximately 1.5 RAM, you can download and install this app. Also, you must keep updating your app from time to time to enjoy more enhanced and advanced features of the Alight Motion APK.

Requirements for alight motion mod APK
Requirements for Alight Motion Pro

How to Download and Install Alight Motion Mod APK (Pro)

Now, it’s time to tell you how easily you can download Alight Motion Pro APK. Follow the downloading steps given below:

  • Start with downloading the Alight Motion Mod APK file given above in the link.
Download Alight Motion Pro APK
Download the APK
  • Once you download this application now, install it.
Install alight motion APK
Install the App
  • If your device shows a notice of “Unknown Sources”, then open your mobile settings.
  • Now go to security and allow the “Unknown Sources” option.
Allow unknown sources
Allow unknown apps
  • Consequently, you can install Alight Motion Mod APK Without Watermark on your mobile without any problem.
Done installation of alight motion pro apk
Alight Motion Installed
  • Now enjoy video editing on Alight Motion Pro.

Alight Motion for PC and IOS

Click on the button given in this section to get Alight Motion Mod for PC and IOS:

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Frequently Asked QuestionS

What is the latest version of Alight Motion?

The new version of Alight Motion Pro is (v5.0.62.103295).

What is Alight Motion Mod APK’s old version?

The old version is v4.4.2.4694 of Alight Motion.

Is the Alight Motion application free?

The standard version of the application is free, but it does not allow the use of excellent tools. In contrast, the AM Pro APK charges some fees; however, the mod version given above has identical features and is all free.

How can I learn Alight Motion Editing?

Using Alight Motion is a relatively easy thing. You can easily edit and adjust the settings for your videos by following my “Alight Motion Video Editing Ultimate Guide” post.

Is it safe to use the Alight Motion Mod APK version?

Yes, the version of Alight Motion Mod given in this post is safe to install and use on your smartphone.

Is the Alight Motion Pro APK paid?

Alight Motion Pro APK is not free; however, the AM MOD (Pro) APK available here is free.


Alight Motion Mod APK is an editing software that every video editor must have on their smartphones and PC. So many beautiful features, tools, elements and objects help you reach the best level of your creativity. Every new version of Alight Motion Pro comes with additional versatility. You must try this helpful video animation app to give a professional touch to your projects.

Every single detail about the application has given in this article. You can email us if you want to know more about AM MOD APK. I will answer all your queries and do my best to inform you as much as possible about this excellent video animation application. THANKS FOR READING MY BLOG!