alight motion color grading presets

Alight Motion Color Grading Presets

The popular smartphone video editing application Alight Motion provides several useful features to improve video production. Alight Motion has color grading presets among its numerous features, which users can employ to create breath-taking visual effects. Presents for color grading change the color and tone of a video to give it a certain appearance or mood.

Alight Motion offers various settings to suit any artistic vision, ranging from vivid and cinematic to vintage or monochrome. With only a few taps, users can alter the look of their films thanks to these presets, which streamline the color grading process. With the color grading presets from Alight Motion, you can now unleash your creativity.

Alight Motion Color Grading Presets Free Download

Download color grading presets of alight motion with the help of following links:


Password: sraj3k10

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Password: naam47

Learn More About Alight Motion Color Grading Presets With Video Tutorial Give Below:

alight motion color grading presets

How to Save the Lumetri Preset Premiere?

One of the best developments for Premiere Pro and After Effects in recent times is the Lumetri color panel and effects. The interface makes it simple for motion graphic artists and editors of videos using Alight Motion to upload and save color presets for later use. You’ll see how to use Premiere Pro to preserve Lumetri color settings. You can follow the step-by-step directions if you prefer to read the instructions.

Step 1: Use the Lumetri Effect

Your footage must already have the Lumetri Colour effect put on it to save a Lumetri preset. Within the effects browser, you can find the Lumetri Colour effect. To add it to your videos, drag and drop.

Proceed to Window>Lumetri Colour if you cannot locate the panel immediately.

Step 2: Adjust the Effect

Put your own unique variation on the Lumetri effect. The crucial point to remember is that color grading highly compressed material will be far more challenging than color grading less compressed footage. Pay attention to the noise. Your footage may appear good on a frame-by-frame basis, but that doesn’t guarantee it will play back well.

Step 3: Keep the Lumetri Preset

When you are satisfied with the appearance of your color grade, it is time to save the preset. Right-click the Lumetri Colour effect in the effect menu and choose Save Preset. Title your new effect, choose the scale, and click OK in the display window. It’s ideal to use descriptive adjectives when labeling your presets so that you can quickly and easily remember them in the future.

Step 4: Visit the Effects/Preset Browser and select the New Effect

You can find your new effect in the Presets file of the Effects/Presets Browser. Your new preset will also include a little colored thumbnail showing a brief demonstration of how it works, as you’ll see.

Color Flow Icing: What is it?

Color flow icing is a flexible and attractive method frequently used in cake decoration. It includes using a combination of icing sugar, water, and food coloring to create an even, glossy, and flawless surface on a cake. Decorators can easily create elaborate and vivid designs with this method.

  • The first step in making color flow icing is for the decorator to use a piping bag loaded with a stiff frosting mixture to outline the design they want on wax paper or paper made from parchment. Once the design’s outline has been finished, the decorator draws it in with icing of less consistency that runs easily and uniformly.
  • Once the icing sets and solidifies, color flow icing begins to work its magic. The icing develops a fine, glossy layer throughout this process, wonderfully blending the colors to provide a mesmerizing image. The result is a smooth, expert-looking design that seems to be gliding on the cake’s surface.
  • With color-flow icing, the creative possibilities are limitless. For creating various effects, decorators can experiment with various color schemes, shadings, and designs. Color flow icing’s versatility enables decorators to realize their artistic dreams, from classy flower patterns to comical cartoon characters.
  • Color flow frosting gives cakes a lovely texture and flavor and improves their overall appeal. The cake’s layers are enhanced by the icing’s sweetness and smooth, glossy finish, giving the food a pleasing texture.

What are Alight Motion Effect Presets?

Users can utilize Alight Motion Effects or Presets in their videos to add speed (faster and slower), chromatic aberration reflections, aesthetic filters, stylistic color grading, dynamic transitions, 3D components, styles, and more.

Alight Motion After Effects Presets

The phrase “Alight Motion Presets for After Effects” appears to merge components from two distinct video editing programs: Alight Motion and Adobe After Effects. Applying presets is one of the many capabilities of the well-known mobile video editing project Alight Motion. Users may quickly add certain visual effects, color grading techniques, transitions, and many more to their videos using Alight Motion presets.

On the other hand, skilled video editing often uses the full desktop program Adobe After Effects for special effects and animation. Presets are already prepared settings that may be used for various aspects of a project. Presets, which include text animations, video modifications, and visual effects, is another feature of After Effects.

16 Free Transitions for After Effects

Slideshows, typographic videos, and advertisements benefit greatly from this series of entertaining wipe transitions. You may quickly adapt the slick, tidy animations with their vibrant, colorful styles to your requirements. These free After Effects templates are undeniably attractive and will impress your audience.

Here is the link to download them:

20 Free Color Grading Presets for After Effects

It would be best to have this gorgeous collection of 20 free color-grading presets for After Effects. You can apply the assortment of filters to all your projects to give them a stylized, cinematic appearance.

10 Free Typography After Effects Templates

These theme animations for After Effects are a distinctive and engaging way to present what you’re saying and are ideal for your typographic videos. Or, to put it differently, your customers and supporters will believe you spent hours coming up with these amazing titles.

Here is the link for it:

Useful After Effects Template Recommendations

Here are some quick suggestions for working with templates: 

  • Keep your editing minimal and avoid adding too much. Several free After Effects themes may look fantastic and fit with the aesthetic you’re going for your video.
  • Adding music is vital when producing motion graphics creations. It aids in maintaining audience interest and draws attention to any material in your film. The music will most definitely set the mood, so pick wisely.
  • After Effects templates are useful tools to have on hand; therefore, it’s beneficial to stay organized and store your templates to use repeatedly.


The easy-to-use and flexible mobile video production tool Alight Motion fully lets users express their creative potential. Color grading, special effects, transformations, and animation tools are just a few features Alight Motion offers, giving you access to a professional editing environment. Alight Motion offers a platform to easily realize your ideas, whether you’re a novice or an experienced video artist.

Consumers of any skill level may utilize the app’s user-friendly interface and robust editing features to create visually appealing videos that engage audiences.

Additionally, Alight Motion allows users to show off their artistic abilities and create videos of excellent quality that have an impact, spanning social media posts to short films. Accept Alight Motion’s potential; you’ll have access to limitless video editing options. After reading this article, you can completely know about Alight Motion Color Grading Presets.

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