how to mask on alight motion

How To Mask On Alight Motion Pro APK

Do you have any ideas about when we are watching movies, the actor playing a double role in it? Because the film directors are using different layers simultaneously in movies. This amazing feature is called the mask. The mask is the most magical and amazing feature of video editing. We know additional questions are popping into your head, like how to mask on the alight motion APK.

This eccentric video editing feature can easily perform with the help of an Alight Motion Mod APK. Here the question arises: what is masking in video editing? With this feature, you can easily mix titles and perform many more things, combining two photos and creating visual effects to connect texts and videos. Moreover, you can easily hide duplicates, modify their project, perform another action like a blur, isolate the footage, and cut out animation of a different object. 

Alight Motion Masking

Using this app, you can also make your object move, called motion masking, allowing the user to personalize or edit the specific area of your video or photo. 

To make a special effect on images or videos, I can also include features that refer to the blurring of movement, called motion blur alight motion. It can make your image in a way that looks like magic. You can also create an alight motion background, giving important data about your setting and serving to upgrade your photograph emphatically.

Alight Motion Masks Types

There are two types of masks given in the Alight Motion Pro APK, which are the following:

1.     Bitmap masks 

Bitmap covers are valuable for separating a specific region from your recording, like a person’s hair. They are composed of pixels, and you can alter them by utilizing paint on the masks. 

2.     Vector Masks

You can be customized or animated without losing the great configuration format. You can generate these masks by going to the Bezier curve option.

How to mask a video and photo in alight motion?

  • Go to the alight motion APK.
  • Then select your favorite background and add a layer you want to mask, like any images or videos.
  • Then use another layer you want to hide on alight motion by selecting videos or text.
  • The coating we wish to use as a mask shape should be on top of the layer you need to mask.
  • Now you can apply the mask.
  • Select the two layers and add the subsequent layer by tapping the layers button in the base left corner.
  • There is “Create Masking Group” option in the top right corner of the menu; select it. 
  • Now you are done with masking in the alight notion app.

Click on the button given below to watch a video and learn how to mask a video on alight motion more effectively:


1) How to remove the background in alight motion?

  • Add any picture to make the background transparent.
  • Click on +, then go to vector drawing and put dots in the part you want to cut.
  • Click effect and add the chroma key.
  • Move to border and shadow, then click stroke.
  • Adjust the stroke up to 22.5.
  • Click (+), then go to freehand drawing and fill the background with the same color as your borderline.
  • Fill the layer and click effect and add the chroma key.

2) How can I blur a video in the alight motion app?

  • Tap (+), then tap shape. Let’s add a square and move it to the lower left.
  • Tap as much as you want to transform, then add a keyframe. 
  • First, adjust the play-head, then use the control pad to move the circle. 
  • Here is the basic option of motion. To add motion blur, tap the process, and wipe the effect.
  • Then swipe to the right to blur, then scroll down.

3) How to choose a certain layer in alight motion?

  • Click on the plus sign. 
  • Then choose to create the project.
  • Now again, click on the plus sign to add shapes.
  • After this, you can see the layer of different shapes, and you can move the layer up and down to set the required appearance.


As we will see, alight motion masking is vital in today’s computerized world. No doubt, masking enables you to make outstanding and eye-catching videos with the help of alight motion pro APK. I have shared a bit-by-bit guide about how to mask on alight motion with you. I believe that you will think that it is useful.

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