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How to Use Alight Motion QR Codes?

Are you interested in making your pictures animated? Then, go for Alight Motion QR Codes. The first thing that comes to mind is how to use alight motion QR codes. Alight Motion gets the QR code of your picture that requires animation. In the era of Vloggers / Bloggers, people need the best way to put their pictures or videos into amazing animation, graphics, texting, and object positioning. So, you get everything done by putting in the QR code of the required image. Alight Motion converts the picture into your desirable effect.

How to use QR codes on Alight Motion?

You can use Alight Motion QR Codes to add unmatchable fantastic effects to your videos. We have found the two methods by following them; you can use QR Code on the alight motion. The methods along with video tutorials are given below : 

Method 1 

  1. Go to the official Instagram account of alight motion.
  2. Scroll the posts over there and stop at the post showing you the effect you are looking for. 
  3. Now swipe this post, and at the next one, you will find a QR code of that effect.
  4. Take a screenshot of that code. 
  5. Now install the QR code scanner app.
  6. Open the app and import the screenshot you took. 
  7. The app will create a URL, copy it and then paste it into the browser. 
  8. Wait for a few seconds, and there the project package of the effect will automatically import to the alight motion.
How to use QR Code on Alight Motion Method 1

Method 2

In case you do not get the effect that you want on Instagram. Here is plan B for you. 

  1. Go to the browser or Pinterest and search for the QR code of your desired effect. 
  2. Download the image of the most suitable one. 
  3. Import the image in the code scanner app.
  4. Now click on the website there, and you will get a notice of import project on the alight motion. 
  5. Import it and enjoy your favourite alight motion effect. 
How to use QR Code on Alight Motion Method 2

Alight Motion QR Code Transitions

People want creativity and attraction. So to make your video and picture attractive, give a transition.

  • Open the app and create the project
  • Select images and choose an effect like shaking smooth, blur, or any effect you want.
  • Take care of the points, i.e., sharpening the edges or making some of the portion burry.
  • Using the graph, you can set the effect at the required area of the image.

Some More Alight Motion Effects

Zoom In Or Zoom Out

This effect can make your video or picture zoom in or out.

Shake QR Code Alight Motion

Alight motion shake QR code can provide a shake effect to your image.

Alight Motion Blur Effect

Alight Motion helps blur the area of the picture or video you want.

Alight Motion QR Code Coloring

The app provides you QR Codes for using a number of colors in your videos.

Alight Motion QR Codes Text

There different styles of text introduced in the alight motion that you can import with the help of QR code.

Alight Motion QR Codes Anime

Now you can turn the subject of your video to anime by importing alight motion anime project package.

Creating QR code for IPhone users

To create a QR code on an iPhone for any app, you must use a third-party app that supports QR code creation. Here’s how you can create a QR code using the “QR Code Reader & Barcode” app, which is available for free on the App Store:

  • Download and install the “QR Code Reader & Barcode” app from the App Store.
  • When you open the app, you will see the “QR Code” button; tap on it.
  • Select the data type you need to encode in the QR code. You can choose from URL, text, contact information, phone number, and more.
  • Enter the data that you want to encode in the QR code. For example, if you want to create a QR code for a website, enter the URL in the text field.
  • Tap on the “Generate” button to create the QR code.
  • Once the QR code is generated, you can save it to your iPhone’s camera roll, share it via email or social media, or scan it with another device.

That’s it! Using a third-party app, you have successfully created a QR code on your iPhone.

Creating QR code for Android users

You can use the Google Lens app or a third-party QR code generator app to create a QR code on an Android device. Here are the steps to create a QR code using Google Lens:

  • Open the Google Lens app on your Android device. You can download this app from the Google Play Store.
  • Point your device’s camera at the content or object you want to create a QR code for.
  • Google Lens will automatically detect the object and give you the required information. If the object contains a URL or other text that can be encoded as a QR code, Google Lens will display a button labelled “QR code” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on the “QR code” button to generate the QR code.
  • Once the QR code is generated, you can save it to your device’s gallery, share it via email or social media, or scan it with another device.

If you prefer to use a third-party QR code generator app, many options are available on the Google Play Store. Search for “QR code generator” and choose one that suits your needs. Once you’ve installed the app, follow the instructions to create a QR code for the content or object you want to share.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I scan QR code on alight motion?

Open the app and check the top left corner; there will be a camera icon; tap on it. A QR code scanner page appears. Just scan the code and enjoy!

How to make a QR code in alight motion?

Go to the app to create a new project. Export your video or gifs and import them into the QR code generator app. A QR Code for alight motion videos or gifs appears and is ready to use.

How to use QR codes on an alight motion iPhone?

Take a screenshot of the QR code of the required post or image. Put the screenshot in the scanner, and a link appears. Open in the browser, and it will take the image or video in the alight motion site to edit them.

How can one import a QR code on android?

Open the app and scan the QR code using the alight motion camera.

How can I use a QR for a video?

Use the latest video link and paste it into the QR generator to get a link. Paste it into the app and edit the required portion of the video.


Above, we explained in detail how to use alight motion QR codes Free. We learned about using QR codes; editing becomes easy. Alight Motion can help your video and picture to animate attractively. You can get a lot of traffic on social media because of the amazing animation.

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