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Alight Motion Text Presets Download Link

With the help of the well-known video editor tool Alight Motion, users can produce amazing animations with visual effects. One of Alight Motion’s most well-liked features is its selection of text effect presets, which can be employed to add original and captivating typography to videos.

The Alight Motion text effect presets come in a wide variety, each with a unique appearance and modification options. Simple and attractive text animations can be produced with these presets and advanced dynamic effects, including movement and color.

With the Alight Motion Text Preset Download, freely accessible online, you can add professional-caliber text animations to your videos quickly and easily.

Alight Motion Text Effect Presets Free Download

Alight Motion text effect presets are easily accessible for free online download, which is an absolute delight for aspiring video makers. You may find these free presets on several Alight Motion-focused websites and forums.

This feature enables you to add a variety of text-enhancing special effects, including animation, blurring of motion, masking, and much more. It is a great asset for producing visually appealing and captivating text-based material for social media, video advertisements, and other projects.

You may edit your text’s font in terms of size, color, and opacity, in addition to applying gradients and gradient outlines, including shadows, with the text effects presets of Alight Motion.

Alight Motion Shake Effect

The Alight Motion Shake Effect is a powerful and cutting-edge design tool that may assist you in giving your videos an effective visual impact. It is simple to use. Drag and drop the alight effect onto your images or videos, then adjust the speed, color, and other options to achieve the perfect look. Using this effect, you can produce bright light and animated text trails, making your video more meaningful. 

Alight Motion Text Animation Presets Free Download

Download an aesthetically pleasing text animation preset pack for Alight Motion. You may use the ready-to-use text animation preset to modify text in any video you like. Using the link provided below, you can download this preset pack:

Alight Motion 3D Text Presets Download

The Alight Motion app’s 3D Text Presets collection of pre-made text animations makes it simple for users to produce 3D text effects. A wide range of styles, including shifting, pulsing, and bouncy effects, as well as several font choices and color schemes, are included in the presets.

Alight Motion 3D Test Presets Download
Alight Motion 3D Test Presets

Alight Motion Text Font

The Alight Motion application for Android and iOS makes using fonts simple, unlike other paid applications. There are more than 2000 fonts available for this video editor, but the top ten picks for Alight Motion are mentioned below:

  • Simply Rounded
  • Monstserrt SemiBold Italicr
  • Evora
  • The Rickon
  • Thundercover
  • Wintersoul
  • Magista Brush
  • Destoria Regular
  • Bassy
  • Have Heart One

Download method

Click the “Download” button for text fonts on the Alight Motion official web page. After that, click the download icon. Now enable downloads from your gallery. Immediately after that, the downloading process begins.

Alight Motion Text XML File Download

You can download the Alight Motion text file by this link:

After that, share it using the Alight Motion app. Your project file will now be imported into Alight Motion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Use Presets?

They are free and easy to use. They have high quality and resolution. Their download links are easily available on Alight Motion sites.

How to Use Alight Motion Presets?

Follow the instructions given below: 
• To begin with, download the XML file. Following the download, please share it and include it in your Alight Motion app.
• After that, enter your project and choose “Edit,” where you may copy and paste.
• Then, paste the effect onto your video after copying it. Your video will then have the required effect applied in this way.


Alight Motion Text Presets are a fantastic method to improve your editing abilities and make your videos more interesting. You may save a great deal of time and still have a professional appearance by using the preset download feature. It is accessible to novices and experts due to its user-friendly interface and a large collection of text presets.

In addition, the flexibility to modify any preset to suit your taste and preferences opens up countless creative options. The Download Alight Motion Text Preset may help you improve your video editing skills. So get Alight Motion right now and begin exploring and creating! Good news for you users, I have added top 50 Alight Motion Text Animation Presets for you, go and check now.

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