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Guide To Import Fonts From DaFont To Alight Motion- For iPhone and Android

Alight Motion is an application for composing and editing videos with illustrations, visual effects, and graphics. It gives its customers access to powerful animation, picture, and video modification tools. Over 100 adjustable effects with their building block collection are offered by Alight Motion.

The app is easy to use, smooth, and simple. It also saves earlier components for later usage. You can learn more about this app by knowing the best fonts, like DaFont on Alight Motion to improve videos; keep reading this article.

Alight Motion Fonts APK

Fonts are essential components to communicate with the intended audience during video creation. Fonts are practical tools, and they might be preferred because, without them, video editing would be meaningless. Alight Motion, which has more than 2000 fonts, can be the best app for you if you create text-based videos. Although this video editor has more than 2000 fonts, the ten finest Alight Motion fonts are listed below:

  • Wintersoul
  • Evora
  • Magista Brush 
  • The Rickon
  • Simply Rounded
  • Bassy
  • Have Heart One
  • Thundercover
  • Destoria Regular
  • Monstserrt SemiBold Italic

What is DaFont?

DaFont is a collection of free fonts that is always updated with several unique fonts. It features several font varieties for every design necessity, and it is a tool that has gained much popularity online. The potential to use any font for free and explore through various groups to discover the best option for your design are the primary benefits of the free fonts platform. 

DaFont Alight Motion
Use DaFont Fonts in Your Alight Motion Videos

In addition to allowing you to see the font directly with specific text before downloading it, this tool, which offers free fonts, also allows you to add your own written content, saving you time while you make your choice.

How do I install fonts from DaFont on Android?

To do this, take the following steps:

  • Permit the installation of apps from unknown websites (settings>security).
  • Select the online tab after downloading DaFont (the Android font installer).
  • Select the font you wish to install by clicking its name.
  • To begin downloading, hit the download icon.
  • Once you have selected the downloaded script, tap the set option or head to settings > display > font style (settings > screen > font style).

How to import Fonts from DaFont to Alight Motion in your iOS and Android?

You can use whatever font you like by employing a simple method to import it using DaFont into Alight Motion.

  • The first thing to do is find the fonts you want to download on the DaFont site. Once you’ve located the fonts, select the download option to keep them on your Android or iOS phone or tablet. Check to see if the fonts have been compressed.
  • The next step is to include the fonts you obtained in the first step in the media library you created. To achieve this, run the Alight Motion app and select the media tab from the list of options at the bottom of the display.
  • After that, pick “Add local files” by clicking the “Add Asset” button.
  • Locate the fonts folder on your device, then choose them all. When you pick them and hit the open button, they will be automatically included in your asset collection.
  • The fonts can now be used in your projects because they’ve been added to your media library. To accomplish this, add a text layer and choose the desired font. The font has now been added to the text layer and may be used the same way as any other font.
  • You can directly manage customized fonts for your iPad and iPhone by adding or eliminating them from the Alight Motion iOS file in the Documents app.

More About DaFont 

DaFont’s Aesthetic Font

The cheery handmade brush font Aesthetic has a bold weight that is ideal for bringing beauty and romance to your artwork. On the DaFont site, this font is available for free personal or demo use.

DaFont Signature Font

An amazing script font with an almost poetic appearance is called Signature. Only demos are made with this font. Employing fonts for advertising, TV, posters, or other profit-oriented purposes is prohibited. If discovered, it will be punished severely.

DaFont Heart Love Font

There are more than 320 glyphs in the font Heart Love Calligraphy Font. Several Open Style features categorize alternative characters, including contextual alternates, swash, and stylistic sets. Using Open Type-aware programmes like Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word will allow you to use the Open Type capabilities. This font is also free to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DaFont 3?

A three-part module was used to produce the sans-serif, squared font. It was created to test the viability of using a font as a graphic design theme.

What are the best fonts on DaFont?

The ten best free fonts on DaFont are mentioned below:

  • Baron Neue
  • Wes
  • Hotel de Paris
  • Timeless
  • Louis George Café
  • Lemon Milk
  • Myron
  • Wonderland
  • Livia Medium
  • Porter


For everyone’s benefit, Alight Motion provides a variety of fonts in different languages. To get the most out of Alight Motion, develop your creativity and broaden your horizons by looking into numerous additional features. You can now make even more innovative and distinctive videos with the help of downloaded fonts from DaFonts to Alight Motion.

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