How to add audio to alight motion Android/iOS.

How To Add Audio To Alight Motion Android/iOS?

It’s a well-liked application for video editing that can be used on iOS and Android cell phones. The application also lets users post their works of art on various social networks and aid video exports.

The cost of alight motion, which provides multiple capabilities often seen in more complex software, represents one of its major benefits. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to add audio to alight motion.

How to add audio to alight motion

How to add audio to alight motion
Add audio to alight motion

Follow the steps to add your audio to alight motion: 

  • First, ensure your audio input exists in a suitable format, like MP3 and WAV, before adding it to this application.
  • Then start a new project and pick an operating one to start.
  • Then, from the set of choices, choose “Audio” by tapping on the “+” button in the timeline bar.
  • After that, select “Upload Audio,” then pick the audio track using your phone’s storage.
  • When the audio has been extracted, users can drop it over the timeline to change its position and time.
  • At the last, the audio setups also allow you to change the sound level and implement different audio effects. That’s how you can add your audio to alight motion.

Video Tutorial For Importing Audio To Alight Motion

Add Audio In Alight Motion

How to extract audio in alight motion?

To extract audio using this application, follow these steps:

  • Activate the ‘Alight Motion’ application.
  • Choose the ‘video layer’ by tapping on the timeline.
  • Choose “Extract Audio” by tapping the 3 dots in the top corner on the right side.
  • In your project, you may now include the extracted audio layers. Just after the audio has been removed, one can directly erase the video layer if you’d want.

How to add music to the alight motion For iPad?

Guide to add music to the alight motion for iPad

Below are the steps in detail:

  • Open this alight motion application on your iPad, then add music toward a current project or establish a fresh one.
  • Then, from the list of choices, choose “Audio” by tapping the “+” button from the timeline.
  • After that, choose music tracks from the iPad’s memory by choosing “Extract Audio.”
  • After importing the music, you might drop it over the playlist and change its position and runtime as necessary.
  • The audio options also allow you to change the loudness and apply other tones.

How to split a video in alight motion?

You can split a video in alight motion by following the mentioned procedure given below:

  • First, insert a clip by hitting the + icon and choosing your video.
  • Then click on the + icon again. After this, your timeline will appear on which you have added your video.
  • To zoom in/out the timeline for better splitting the video clip much faster, place both your fingers on the ‘time link’ and zoom in and zoom out by pinching them. Now to split some clip parts, click on the video.
  • Three options that would be in the middle will help you in splitting the video. The very first option is to delete the portion of the video clip before the ‘cursor,’ the second one is for splitting into two separate parts, and the third option is to delete the portion of the clip you want to delete, and that is after the ‘cursor.’
  • After you are done with the video splitting, drag it to its initial place and save it by hitting the ‘export option.’

How to cut in alight motion?

  • You can edit a clip by selecting it within the timeline and then moving this same play head to the chosen place.
  • The splitting tool will be available when you tap or hit the “scissors” or “K” buttons.
  • After you’ve divided the clip into segments, choose the one you need to get rid of and either click the “trash can” button or hit the “delete” option.
  • Drag the conclusion in the initial segment to cover the start of the second segment when you wish to combine two segments, then hit the “join” symbol, which displays.
  • The “Command+J” keyboard key is another way to connect segments.

How to edit on an alight motion for beginners?

Start this application up, then develop an action plan to get initiated editing. After that, drag the media files you want to use over onto the timeline. Just use toolkits or effects to add animations, captions, or other components to your clip. Also, you can change the brightness and color and add sound and tunes. For more editing guide you may also check my post about how to do transitions on alight motion and how to crop in alight motion.


It is a fantastic option for novices and experts because of its simple design and helpful tools. It provides a user-friendly environment and various training and features to assist you in the beginning with video editing. After reading all the above procedures, you will thoroughly know how to add audio to alight motion.

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