How to add keyframes in alight motion

How To Add Keyframes in Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is a smartphone video and graphics editing application with various tools and functions for producing higher visual output. It offers a variety of options that allow for precise adjustment over how each component moves, pauses, and appears in animation or film, producing cleaner and more professional output. By reading this article, you would probably know about ‘how to add Keyframes in Alight Motion‘.

Additionally, this app enables video exports and allows users to share their artistic creations on many social media platforms. One of the key advantages is the cost of Alight Motion which offers numerous capabilities frequently found in more advanced software.

Add keyframes in alight motion
Alight Motion Keyframes

What are keyframes in Alight Motion?

To create high-quality videos with distinctive material, the Keyframe is needed. However, the only frames used in the Alight Motion application graphs are 0 and -/+ degrees. Correct mistakes using a keyframe and obtain a typical response for your created videos.

Keyframes vary among the devices but combine with graphs to provide an easy transition. Your video will only show an effective effect addition if it has this excellent keyframe function. Furthermore, the Keyframe program allows creators to include visual effects while creating animations. 

How to use keyframes in Alight Motion?

This application provides two ways to add keyframes to your project

  • A keyframe can be manually added to a parameter so that future changes include keyframes at that particular ‘played’ location. If you would like to make keyframes for just one parameter of a certain project object, the above method can be helpful.
  • To produce a new keyframe, enable the ‘Record’ option anytime you change a parameter. This technique is helpful when you need to produce keyframes for numerous parameters of a project.

Here Is A Video Tutorial For You

how to use keyframes in alight motion

How to add keyframes in Alight Motion Android?

It’s simple and enjoyable to create Alight Motion keyframes for Android. Follow the steps given below:

  • The Alight Motion application must be installed on your smartphone. It is simple to install from the “Play Store.”
  • Then, the following action is to tap the + icon to open a new project. You’ll be assigned to direct the project.
  • Enter the project title, image quality, and background to organize your project properly.
  • Then, put the video or image that needs to be modified. Also, you can select many pictures at once.
  • Then, after selecting the frame you’d like to include the Keyframe, construct your keywords by choosing the “Add Keyframe” icon. Keyframes can be added in any number.

How to add keyframes in Alight Motion iPad?

The process of adding keyframes in Alight Motion iPad is mentioned below:

  • Activate the application on the device.
  • Secondly, hit the ‘+’ icon to create a new project. After that, adjust the resolution and also the ratio.
  • After adding media, hit ‘+’ icon in diamond shape and make a ‘keyframe’.
  • Then, move the ‘timeline’ and again click Keyframe.
  • Also, add effects of animation. Finally, click the ‘curve menu’ and then adjust it.

How to copy and paste keyframes in Alight Motion?

You can copy the keyframes by doing these steps:

1. First, select edit > copy or pressing ‘Command-C’.

2. Then choose edit > cut by clicking ‘’Command-X’.

You can paste keyframes by doing these steps:

1. First, from the list of parameters, choose the desired parameter on the left side of ‘Keyframe Editor’.

2. Then, adjust the playhead to the position where the keyframes should start.

3. Lastly, choose edit > paste by pressing ‘Command-V’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Alight Motion keyframes not working?

This trouble may occur due to the following reasons for example:

  • Firstly, ‘Time Remapping’ causes a mess with other ‘keyframed’ effects.
  • Secondly, by not updating the latest version of this application.
  • This also happens if you are slightly off one of the two keyframes.
  • Additionally, keyframe function may stop working if there are not enough resources for the hardware available, such as not enough RAM, CPU or graphics card.
  • Keyframe functioning may also be affected by the project’s excessive layer count or complex effects.
  • Lastly, the Alight Motion keyframe may not function because of corrupted data or poor programme installation.

Check why does alight motion keep crashing, if still you are facing the same issue.

How can I delete a keyframe from Alight Motion?

  • To delete it, firstly choose the Keyframe in the ‘Keyframe Editor’.
  • And then Press the ‘Delete’ icon.

What do you mean by motion keyframes?

It is necessary to animate certain elements of an item; Keyframe is used to give different parameter variables to the object at various points in time.


This application provides a user-friendly interface and various training and features. Using your photos as well as a variety of other media, the Alight Motion makes beautiful videos. After reading all the above procedures, you will thoroughly know how to add keyframes in Alight Motion.

Also, learn how to add audio in alight motion.

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