How to crop in alight motion

How to crop video or image in Alight Motion?

You can make animations, special effects, and images using the mobile application Alight Motion. It is an effective application with various functions and tools that make making beautiful images and videos simple. By using this Alight Motion, you would also be able to know how to crop images and videos effectively.

This article contains content about how to crop in Alight Motion. Its toolbar has several options, like “Crop,” which lets you change the ratio and move the frame’s borders to crop whatever image or video you like.

how to crop a video in alight motion
Crop a video in alight motion

 How to Crop a Video or Image in Alight Motion

Follow these steps in Alight Motion for cropping a photo or video:

1.  First, open the image or video you want to crop in Alight Motion.

2.  Within that timeline, select the surface you like to crop.

3.  Select “Transform” from the tools menu at the bottom.

4.  From the Transform features chart, select “Crop.”

5.  Then, use the cropping handles to move the cropped area of the images and video into place.

6.  To check the crop, click the checkmark button. The Transform settings also let you change the trimmed layer’s placement, size, and spin.

7.  After all these steps, you can save the image or video using the current crop options when you’re done.

Video Tutorial

I have managed a video tutorial to makes things more convenient for you. Click on the video given below:

How to crop a video in alight motion

How to Remove the Background in Alight Motion?

Use the following steps below to eliminate the background from a picture or video using Alight Motion:

  • Add the photo or video you wish to alter.
  • After this, select a layer with your finger, and tap the “Layer Editor” toolbar.
  • Click “Blend Mode” and choose “Chroma Key” from the menu that appears.
  • Then, choose the color of the background users want to delete using the color picker after tapping the “Color” feature.
  • Then modify the sliders.
  • Check the modifications and adjust them as needed. Finally, when you’re happy with the outcome, click “Done” to make the necessary adjustments.

How to Change a Background in Alight Motion?

Here are the steps to change a background in alight motion APK:

  • You must upload a picture or video and additional background content of Alight Motion’s timeline to alter the background.
  • The previous background can then be removed by placing the background media underneath the main layer, selecting the main layer, and then applying the inputting tool.
  • Furthermore, you can change the backdrop media’s surface and blend type to suit the video.

How to Make a Background Transparent in Alight Motion?

You can change a background in alight motion pro APK by following steps:

  • You must first eliminate a background, as previously mentioned, to make a background transparent.
  • And after that, click “New layer,” afterward “Solid Color,” and finally, move the opacity adjuster towards 0% to add a translucent background.

How to Make a Moving Background in Alight Motion?

Follow the steps given to make a moving background in alight motion app:

  • At the ‘Add Photos’ menu, click Photo from File, then choose the show you wish to add an animated background too.
  • Furthermore, choose ‘Insert’ after selecting the desired image.
  • At last, choose Animate as the theme from the far-right side menu on the ‘Image Format’ tab. In this way, you can make your background move.


For more alight motion editing guide you can watch our whole dedicated category on alight motion guide.


Alight Motion also makes it simple for users to crop pictures or videos. Using your photos as well as a variety of other media, the Alight Motion makes beautiful videos. After reading all the above procedures, you will thoroughly know how to crop in Alight Motion.

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