How to edit an video in alight motion

How To Edit Video In Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is a popular video editing application that is used by people all over the globe. You can make stunning videos with this app. It has very advanced features that distinguish it from other video editing apps. Once you read this post, you will know how to edit video in Alight Motion.


What is Alight Motion Mod APK

A better version of Alight Motion is Alight Motion Mod APK. You can use all the tools and additional features that this edition includes without paying subscription fees. This version make you able to edit video using premium tools and elements effectively.

How to crop video in Alight Motion?

To crop a video, follow the below-mentioned steps to do so:

1. Open the video that you need to crop using this app.

2. Secondly, within that timeline, select the clip you like to crop.

3. Choose the’ transform’ option at the bottom of the ‘tool’ menu.

4. Then select ‘crop.’

5. After that, To drag the cropped area of the video into the desired place, use: cropping handles.

6. Use the ‘checkmark’ icon to check the crop.

7. Save and then export your cropped video.

For a detailed cropping guide check my other blog on how to crop a video or image in alight motion.

How to edit lyrics in a video using Alight Motion?

  • First, download the Alight Motion application from Play Store or App Store.
  • Now import the ‘beat mark’ and ‘shake effect.’
  • To select the lyrics, you must utilize the beat mark option.
  • You may also choose a font for the lyrics in your video.
  • Prefer to use the same font on all the lyrics.
  • After that, choose an effect and apply it to the lyrics to give them a stylish look.
  • Finally, after all these steps, save your video and export it.

How to make a photo edit in Alight Motion?

  • First, create a new project by opening the app.
  • Second click at the bottom left of the display to hit the media icon.
  • Afterwards, select the layers option in the right corner at the bottom and choose the ‘New Layer’ option.
  • You can also edit it by adjusting the font and colour and applying filters.
  • Finally, save it and then export the edited photo.

Steps to Import XML File

  1. First, download an XML file on your device.
  2. You must also download a file manager app to open an XML file.
  3. Then move to the download folder where you can find this file.
  4. After finding the file, press it and share by clicking at the bottom (share option).
  5. You can find various apps on your screen to share your file.
  6. You have to select Alight Motion.
  7. Afterwards, in your ‘project tab,’ you will find this XML file.

How to download Alight Motion templates?

Your videos are ignited in front of viewers using templates. The Alight Motion app has many templates to make your videos more attractive.


On your device, first of all, install the Alight Motion app. Then, to download the template package, tap the download link. Then select Templates from the menu. Select the import icon by clicking it. Select and then apply the downloaded template to your video.

How to apply the black effect in your video using Alight Motion?

Choose the layer to which you wish to apply the effect, and afterwards, choose the colour option in the layer attributes to employ the black effect in your video. The black colour can then be chosen, and the opaqueness can be customized to what you want. You may produce videos that look professional with the help of various features in Alight Motion, including the black effect.

Alight Motion video editing tutorial

First, import your video into this application; then, select your preferred aspect ratio. Then ‘Export’ your video after adding various features like desired formats, effects, adjustments, and lyrics of your choice.

To help users efficiently use the app, Alight Motion also provides a variety of tutoring videos on its official website.

Also, check guide about edit on Alight Motion for beginners given below:

How to edit an video on alight motion

Also check how to do velocity edits on alight motion.


Alight Motion provides a user-friendly environment and various features to assist you with video editing. This post will help you learn how to edit videos in Alight Motion easily. Undoubtedly, you will learn and enjoy different editing methods given here and make your content wonderful.

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