how to move layers in alight motion

How To Add and Move Layers In Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is a smartphone video and graphics editing application with various tools and functions for producing higher visual output. It offers a variety of options that allow for precise adjustment over how each component moves, pauses, and appears in animation or film, producing cleaner and more professional output. This article will teach you how to add and move layers in Alight Motion.

How to Add Layers in Alight Motion?

Here the word ‘layer’ means a collection of reusable parts that can be used repeatedly in similar circumstances. Advanced projects need layers that allow you to modify and edit the project without affecting the other parts. Firstly, open the Alight Motion app.

  • Then hit the ‘+’ icon.
  • After that, tap on the project and then create.
  • Hit the green ‘+’ icon and click on the shape to alter it how you want to.
  • Choose any 2-3 elements.
  • Finally, arrange the layers, and it’s done.

How to Move Layers in Alight Motion?

In Alight Motion, one can move a layer by doing the following steps:

  •  First, tap on the layer by clicking the object menu; you may select the layer you want to move.
  • To make the layer move forward and backward, press and then hold it. 
  •  Drag the layer onto the canvas at the desired position.
  •  To put the layer into the desired situation, release your finger.
  •  You may also slide the layer horizontally along the timeline to move it to a certain period.

To move a layer more perfectly, you can use transform tools. You can get the transform tools here:

  • Choose the layer you’d like to move.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click the “Transform” icon in the toolbar.
  • Then start moving the layer around using the screens’ controls, or change the position values within that Transform options list.
  • These tools let you shift layers vertically and horizontally and alter other features like magnitude and angle.

Here is a video tutorial for you:

Move layers in alight motion

How to Arrange and Select Layers in Alight Motion?

You can select and arrange the layers in Alight Motion. Undoubtedly, you can do this super easily by walking through the steps given below: 

For arranging layers:

By applying the instructions in the “Object menu,” one can organize or arrange layers in the desired way. These instructions can be applied to groups, layers, and effect objects.

For selecting a layer:

First, press and hold on to the ‘transform tools’ pop-up menu in the canvas toolbar, select Transform, and afterward, select an image on the screen.

For selecting several layers:

First, drag a selection rectangle around several images in the canvas by clicking and holding the ‘Transform tool’ in the canvas toolbar, selecting it, and then releasing the mouse cursor. You can also continue to hold the Shift key while pressing several images.

How to group layers in Alight Motion?

First of all, add a few layers by creating a project. After that, press or click the left side of the layers you want to choose for grouping.

  • Then, you can see an opening panel with characteristics for that layer at the top.
  • Furthermore, choose all the layers in this way.
  • When you’re done with layer selection, hit the panel button displaying ‘intersecting shapes.’
  • In this way, you can group layers in this application.

How to ungroup layers in Alight Motion?

  • To do this, the grouped layer should be clicked.
  • At the top, a ‘new panel’ will be shown.
  • Then you will see 3 dots in the upper right of the panel of your project; tap on them.
  • You will get a new menu of drop-downs having some options. At last, the layers will be ungrouped once you click “ungroup.”

How to change a layer order in Alight Motion?

The procedure given below helps to replace the layer order in Alight Motion:

  • First, tap the icon for the stacked layer to open Layers.
  • Then tap the layer while holding it down.
  • Release the layer once you drag it to the required position. 

How to crop a layer in Alight Motion?

A layer’s four borders can be cut off using cropping to remove specific portions. These undesired objects can be eliminated throughout the cropping process.

First of all, open Alight Motion and choose a layer. Select and keep the ‘transform tools’ pop-up menu in the toolbox, then select ‘Crop.’ Then around the chosen layer, a bounding box with 8 crop handles displays.

And attempt one of the following:

  • While cropping, keep the screen resolution constant.
  • Keep moving the handle to the right, left, bottom, or top.
  • Cut two nearby edges.

How do you merge layers in Alight Motion?

To merge them, you must have 2-3 layers in the timeline. Then select all the layers by the top right eye like an option. After that, the layers would have green borders, and you can also manage the layers. You need to click on the top right, where there are triangle and circle icons. After clicking that, your layers will be merged into a single layer.

Here is a video tutorial as well:

Merge layers in alight motion

How do you duplicate layers in Alight Motion?

By tapping the layer panel, choose the layer you want to replicate in Alight Motion. Next, choose “Duplicate” by clicking the three dots in the top right corner. Then copied layer will immediately follow the original layer on the panel. Pressing the layer and choosing “Duplicate” from the menu bar will let you apply the shortcut.

Also learn how to reverse a video on the alight motion.

What is layer parenting, and how do parent layers in Alight Motion?

One or more than one layer can be merged into the single parent layer by using the ‘layer parenting.’ By connecting several layers to a single parent, parenting enables you to regulate a variety of layers effortlessly.

layer parenting in alight motion
Layer Parenting

You can use parent layers by following the below-mentioned procedure:

First, tap the layer you like to be the ‘child layer’ in a project with at minimum 2 layers; now press the ‘Layer Parent’ button. Select any layer as a parent from the drop-down option. Since a layer could be parented to its own, the layer you have chosen on the timeline is not visible in the parenting option. Choose “none” from this menu to unparent a ‘child layer’ that you have already parented.


Many modern picture or video editing apps, like Alight Motion, allow you to see an immense improvement in video editing. Several video editing features are now in the software without any watermarking issues. The menu’s various options make it easy for the users to know how to add and move layers in Alight Motion. You can also locate the required option that enables making unique videos.

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