how to reverse a video on alight motion

How To Reverse A Video On Alight Motion? A Detailed Guide

Alight Motion is a highly effective video editor and visual effects app for mobile devices. It enables users to produce amazing visual content easily because of its user-friendly interface and variety of tools and capabilities. This app provides flexible editing features, including adding different formats and graphics and using filters and effects.

It allows users to precisely manipulate animation, color grading, and transitions while supporting various media formats. Whether you’re an experienced video maker or an experienced content creator, Alight Motion offers a convenient platform for realizing your imaginative visions. You’ll learn how to reverse a video on Alight Motion in this article.

How to Reverse a Video in Alight Motion

2-Step Reverse Process

It takes two steps to reverse a video.

Alight Motion makes it surprisingly easy to reverse a video. Just stick to these guidelines:

  1. By tapping over the “layer” you intend to reverse, you can open the “Layer Properties” panel.
  2. Press the “Reverse” button at the top of the screen.

And that’s it! Now your video will begin to play backward.

Hence, whether you want to create a silly reverse video or fix an easy-to-follow film, Alight Motion can help.

A Video Guide

Reverse video on alight motion

Also learn about how to add layers in alight motion.

Rainbow Reverse Effect On Alight Motion

Rainbow Reverse Effect

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you reverse the direction of any video?

In Alight Motion, you can indeed reverse a video’s direction. You may add several effects and alterations to your videos with the video editing tool Alight Motion. You may upload the video you need into the application and apply the “Reverse” function or feature to reverse the direction of the video. By playing the video in reverse, this function reverses the direction.

How can I reverse a video on a camera roll?

You can reverse a video on Camera Roll by following these steps:

  • Using your camera roll, export the video to the computer.
  • To change the direction of the video, utilize your computer’s Alight Motion video editing program.
  • On your computer, save the video file that has been reversed.
  • Transfer the reversed clip to your phone or other device.
  • Launch Alight Motion, then import the reversed video.
  • The reversed video can now be edited, changed, or given additional effects using Alight Motion.

The procedure may differ depending on the video editing application you employ, but in general, you need to reverse the video on the computer first before importing it onto Alight Motion for additional editing.

How does one create a reversal effect?

You can create a reversal effect by following the procedure given below:

  • Choose the audio you want to add a reverse echo, then duplicate it.
  • Next, reverb the audio that has been reversed.
  • Reverse the clip once more to finish.
  • You may now edit and insert the clip.

How to take a reverse video?

You can use these methods to record a video in reverse:

  • Open the camera app on your device.
  • Set the recording mode for videos.
  • Start recording a particular video.
  • Act or move in the opposite direction of what you want to happen (for instance, if you need to spill liquid, begin with an empty vessel and then pour it back).
  • Turn off the video recording.
  • The video recording should be uploaded to your PC.
  • Use video editing applications such as Alight Motion to achieve the opposite effect.
  • Restore the reversed video to your mobile device, then save it there so you may watch or share it.


With the help of the flexible video editing tool Alight Motion, users may produce lovely shots on their mobile devices. Alight Motion allows users to easily improve their films, add visuals, and express their creativity because of its abundance of features, effects, and capabilities. You’ll be able to understand exactly how to reverse a video on Alight Motion after reading this article.

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