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How to Use Alight Motion App (Alight Motion Video Editing Ultimate Guide) 


Do you want to edit, modify, or generate a video and movie file on android mobile? Here we will provide proper guidelines about how to use Alight Motion.

Alight Motion is a favourite app for making professional edits, among other well-known video editing apps. Using this app, a smartphone can edit your photographs, images, animation, and other videos. In addition, this app provides an easily and quickly accessible platform where you can customize the different visuals, edit velocity, and many other functionalities.

Alight Motion App

Many users have most commonly questioned how to use the Alight Motion App. And what kind of app is Alight Motion? The simple solution is this app is straightforward to use. So stay with us to gain more information about this excellent app.


A professional graphics application has the most crucial term ‘element’ that plays a fantastic role in video editing. Elements are considered reusable components. The element is also saved separately when you regularly keep your video editing project. You can footmark your elements by navigating to the My Elements Collection tab.

You must use different elements to make your videos stunning and catch the eye. Because features can help you create a fantastic video but also help you to save other things like music, stickers, and additional layers, it also reduces your time.

The outstanding feature of this app is that you can send the saved elements to your friends by using the sharing option. Moreover, you can customize the ingredients without changing the original components. Furthermore, we provide the stepson to guide about this app.

Another term is Transition effects to make your video astonishing and more attractive. These effects make the video engaging, and users also find it interesting to watch such videos.


  • First, you need to install the Alight Motion app. Go to the play store and Download it on your Android mobile. You can also download alight motion mod app for pro features. 
  • Select the picture from the gallery or another source you want to edit on your mobile.
  • Click your Alight motion app, then choose a file and select all of your favourite pictures you want to edit.
  • Two methods are given here. First, you can edit each picture and apply the editing tool to all images (bulk or individual editing).
  • But remember you have completed the photo editing like cropping etc.
  • Next, move to the filter tab, and you can apply a filter to your wish. But you can use filters individually or on all images at once.
  • Next, write the caption you want to coat on your images. You can write text for individual pictures with the help of creating layers or use a single text for all the photos.
  • Now add funny emojis, stickers, and other exciting features. 
  • Optimize your edited video by playing the game in editing mode, and you can check the layers to verify the things.
  • The next is to save your edited video using elements and export your video in a different format.
  • Now your video is ready, you can share it directly with your friend or anywhere on social media.


How can I use free alight Motion?

You can use the Alight motion app for free if you want to create moveable graphics. For free, go to the play store and download the app on your android phone without paying anything.

Is alight Motion only for mobile?

You’ll find Alight Motion in both Google Play for Android and the iOS App Store for iPhones and iPads. In the two stores, you can download Alight Motion free of charge. While there’s no authority variant of Alight Motion of PCs, on the off chance that you have a PC or laptop. However for alight motion PC download, you can run the application with the assistance of an Android emulator.

How can I use code in alight Motion?

You need to install Instagram and the QR code scanner app for this.
· Come to your Instagram app search bar. Put this @ alight Motion preset to open this account.
· Check out the alight presets and QR codes related to it.
· Take a screenshot of the QR code.
· Get the QR code scanner app and move that screenshot to this app. Then you will get the URL of the QR code post-scanning.
· Copy the URL and put it into your browser and tab enter.
· The URL will import into the Alight Motion app.
· Next, you need to verify the link and click import.
· So finally, the package is downloaded into the app and I enjoy it.

What kind of app is alight Motion?

This app is for editing all videos on your mobile phone. And right to say this is the professional Motion design app for your iPhone, iPad, etc. You are bringing for you professional quality-improving animation and visual graphics. 

Who developed the Alight Motion app?

This game was invented by Matthew Feinberg’s (@gwanaxymatt) latest Tweets. CEO at Alight Creative, makers of Alight Motion. Software Engineer, Linguist, and Mobile Video Enthusiast. 


We have shared all the steps and explained all the details about using Alight Motion App on your mobile phone for video editing and animations. Remember to try the elements; this app saves them for future use. We ensure you will get an outstanding video editing experience with the app.

Enjoy Video Editing and animating with Alight Motion! And for more alight motion tips and templates keep following us.


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