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How To Remove The Watermark On The Alight Motion APK

As you can guess by the title, I will tell you the best way to remove the watermark on the alight Motion. Are you thinking about what a watermark is? And How to remove the watermark on the alight motion? The company uses a watermark for advertising its brand when using its standard app version for free. It is displayed on your editing videos when you download them into your drive.

You may not see a watermark toward the start of editing. Since the watermark will show up after the video is sent out or saved into your device. There are many ways of removing the watermark on alight Motion. Nonetheless, many applications are fit for removing the watermark, but I will provide complete guidelines on removing a watermark from alight motion. So please do not take any tension; I will walk you through the following steps that will help you in removing the watermark: 

Methods for removing watermark from edited video of alight motion 

There are two methods given for removing the watermark on the alight Motion.

Method 1

Using this method, you can easily remove watermarks on alight motion images or videos.

  • In this method, you download the Alight Motion Mod APK because this mod version comes with pro features. One of the pro features of the alight motion mod is that there is no watermark issue over there.

Method 2

  • In this method, you can use a third-party application that will work as alight motion watermark remover while editing videos. Indeed, it’s pretty simple and direct.
  • First, you must go to your Alight Motion app and edit your video by selecting your favourite photos or different effects.
  • And further, you need to explore all the accessories about videos.
  • Then, navigate to the option and tab export for saving videos in your desired option.
  • In this way, you will save your video on your mobile. Now, download the inShot application from the play store and launch it on your device. 
  • Next, you need to open both the InShot app and your file by choosing those videos in which you need to remove that watermark.
  • Here you can see the option of removing and getting a watermark-free video. 
  • Enjoy your video editing. 

By applying the above method, you can change the watermark by selecting any images in any format, like the alight motion watermark PNG

Here is a YouTube video as well about removing watermark from the videos edited on alight motion app. The YouTube tutorial will make things easy for you. Click on the button given below to learn more:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove the watermark in alight motion iOS in 2023?

Two ways are to remove the watermark in Alight Motion IOS 2023. First, you can use any option to edit the watermark from your video. One is using the mod version of Alight Motion; second, you must use a third-party app.

How can I get free alight motion pro on Android? 

For those of you keen on energizing and making movement illustrations, you can find Alight Motion Pro APK on So go ahead and download and have it on your cell phone without paying anything.

From where can I see the option of alight motion watermark?

First, when you download this app and create the first project, you can see the alight motion watermark in the preview area, which is normal. You will further see this when using the above two methods.


The above-given steps will remove the watermark on alight motion.  So, after taking an overview of this article, I hope you find the step-by-step guide to drawing the watermark free of use.

I pass through our experience; you can easily remove watermarks by given methods.

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