top 50 alight motion text animation presets

 Top 50 Alight Motion Text Animation Presets Download Link

Alight Motion is an effective smartphone application that enables users to produce amazing videos easily. The extensive library of text animation presets, which improve the aesthetic appeal of the text in videos, is among its unique characteristics. Customers can effortlessly add visually appealing effects, transitions, and animations to their text using Alight Motion’s Text Animation Presets, giving the videos an elegant look.

These presets provide a wide range of settings to enhance and animate text, resulting in highly intriguing and memorable videos, whether they be bold headlines, inviting subtitles, or interesting captions. Let’s look at the top 50 Alight Motion Text Animation Presets to see how they might improve your video material.

Top 50 Alight Motion Text Animation Presets Download Link

Top 50 alight motion text animation presets download link
Text Animation Presets

Top 30 Alight Motion Text Animation Presets Download Link

List of Top 50 Alight Motion Text Animation Presets

Below is the list of most used text animation in alight motion along with their description:

1. Fade In/Out

This traditional preset gently fades text in and out of position to produce a classy yet understated look.

2. Typewriter

This preset simulates the typewriter’s appearance following the animation of text by displaying it.

3. Scale Up/Down

Your videos will have a dynamic and captivating appearance as the text gently scales up or down.

4. Blur In/Out

The text is given a blurred appearance using this preset.

5. Glitch

Use this preset to add distortion and digital artwork to your text, giving it a glitchy, innovative outcome.

6. Neon Glow

This preset gives the text an eye-catching neon glow, making it shine and adding a nostalgic style dash.

7. Bounce

The text is playing around and being active as it jumps up and down.

8.  Spin

This preset turns the written content into a circular motion to produce a compelling visual impact.

9.  Shake

Use this preset for shaking and vibrating your text to add some energy.

10.   Flip

The text flips vertically or horizontally, giving your videos a dynamic and unusual touch.

11.   Particle Explosion

With this preset, the text is surrounded by an explosion of particles that adds visual interest.

12.   Fire

With this preset addition of flaming effects and flashing flames, your text will appear on fire.

13.   Flash

This preset adds an immediate flash effect to your text, giving it an explosion of energy and light.

14.   Dripping Paint

This preset turns your text into dripping paint by adding vibrant droplets and splatters.

15.   Zoom Blur

The text blurs while zooming in or out, producing a captivating and dynamic appearance.

16.   Pixelate

This preset divides your text into square pixels to give it a pixelated effect.

17.   Energy Wave

A wave of colorful energy surrounds the text, producing a striking visual impression.

18.   Particle Trail

As the text advances, it generates a trail of tiny particles behind it, creating a captivating and ground-breaking effect.

19.   Sparkle

This preset adds dazzling particles and a mystical vibe that make your text shimmer and glow.

20.   Digital Countdown

This preset moves the text within a numeric screen to mimic the appearance of a digital countdown.

21.   Pop-up

The text appears suddenly, drawing the viewer’s attention.

22.   Glittering Stars

With this preset’s addition of shimmering stars with a magical ambiance, your text will glimmer like a bright sky.

23.   Ink Splash

To create a text-based visual effect, turn the words into ink splashes, which disperse and scatter.

24.   Electric Lines

The text has electrified lines surrounding it that move and flash, giving it a lively aspect.

25.   Zoom Shake

This preset blends zooming and moving effects to produce a dynamic and captivating animation.

26.   Rain

To give a grim and immersive ambiance, this preset puts falling, tiny particles surrounding the text.

27.   Comic Book

Use this preset to add bold outlines and eye-catching colors to your text to give it a comic book-inspired appearance.

28.   Electric Pulse

The text’s electric pulse gives it a dynamic, modern appearance.

29.   Confetti

Add a cheerful and upbeat touch to your writing by scattering a colorful shower of confetti over it.

30.   Water Drop

The text is changed into tiny drops of water that fall and cause ripples, creating a special and energizing impact.

31.   Smoke

Use this preset to surround the text with whirling smoke to create a spooky and dramatic atmosphere.

32. Rainbow

This preset produces a rainbow gradient effect, adding a splash of vibrancy and liveliness to your text.

33.   3D Spin

This setting gives the text a three-dimensional whirling motion, giving it an updated and attractive appearance.

34.   Glass Shatter

Use this preset to give your text a broken glass look and watch it break into pieces.

35.   Cinematic Fade

This preset adds a touch of refinement while creating a cinematic look by gradually fading the text in or out.

36.   Matrix Code

This preset, which shows rolling strips of green matrix code, gives your text a modern and technologically inspired appearance.

37.   Heartbeat

The text pulses in time with a heartbeat to convey a sense of passion and frequency.

38.   Film Reel

This preset adds film strips and grainy patterns to your text to give it a classic film reel appearance.

39.   Puzzle Pieces

Using this preset, which animates your text like puzzle pieces slotting into position, you can see your text come complete piece by piece.

40.   Light Streaks

Include light streaks that move over the text to give it a sense of velocity and motion.

41.   Flashing Colors

This setting quickly alters the text’s color, producing an energetic and catching visual impression.

42.   Scribble

This preset moves the text using scribbled lines to give the text a hand-created and artistic physical appearance.

43.   Zoom in/out

The text enlarges or reduces size, producing a dramatic and striking effect.

44.   Retro VHS

With this preset, which includes glitches and vintage colors, one can give the text a retro VHS appearance.

45.   Floating

The text floats and glides around the screen, giving it a surreal and ethereal appearance.

46.   Retro Arcade

With this preset pixel graphic components and vintage fonts, your text will appear like a classic arcade game.

47.   Rainbow Wave

The text appears to move with a running rainbow wave, which gives it a vibrant and lively feel.

48.   Spiral Spin

To provide a stunning and visually alluring effect, this preset spins the content in a spiral motion.

49.   Falling Leaves

This preset gives your videos an autumnal feel.

50.   Digital Glitch

This preset adds digital artifacts and disturbances to your text, giving it a glitchy and warped appearance.

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The top 50 Alight Motion Text Animation Presets provide an amazing variety of options for enhancing and animating text in your films. These presets can create smooth transitions, striking effects, or contemporary animations. With the help of Alight Motion’s text animation presets, you can improve and make your video content more engaging. Allow your imagination to soar as you use eye-catching effects and animations to make your text come to life and interest your audience.

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