How to do velocity edits on alight motion

How To Do Velocity Edits On Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is a well-known video editor used by people worldwide. You can turn out your simple boring videos into dazzling ones by editing velocity on the Alight motion. In this article, you will know about how to do velocity edits on Alight motion.

Earlier, the alight motion did not offer the velocity editing feature despite its huge popularity among video and animation editors. After repeated complaints by users and professional editors, developers started working on this feature. However, they soon launched velocity edits. First, you must understand velocity, a technical term associated with fps (Frame per second). You can also alter the video’s speed as per your requirement.

How to do velocity edits on Alight Motion?

By following the steps given below you can make velocity edits in your video using Alight Motion:

Step 1: Make your video ready at normal speed. You can add stickers, pleasing text added, melodic music, charming stickers, and whatever you want to look appealing.

Step 2: Ensure to add some animations at default speed to the alight motion app.

Step 3: We presume that the video holds several layers. Every layer will be edited one by one that comprises video.

Step 4: Tap the one layer where you desire to make velocity editing.

Step 5: Now proceed toward the graph option present in the bottom left corner of your mobile screen.

Step 6: By clicking on the graph setting, you accessed them. You found four sub-options: easy in and out, linear, easy out, and easy in.  

Step 7: All the options work uniquely. The terms explain as:

  • Linear: This option permits objects to move at perpetual speed.
  • Easy in:  Initially, slowly moves the object, and latterly, increases the moving speed.
  • Easy out: This option allows you to move objects speedily at the initial stage and slow down at the end.
  • Easy in and out: This option lets you alter slow or fast speed as required.

Step 8: Resave your video after selecting the preferred speed control button.

Step 9: As previously mentioned speed step, all video layers pass through the same procedure.

Step 10: Now, you can share it on different social media platforms.

Video Tutorial To Make Velocity Edits

How to make velocity edits on alight motion

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How to make slow-mo on Alight motion?

There are two ways to make slow-mo videos in Alight motion.

Slow-mo in 30 fps

  • First, add your clip and mute it.
  • Secondly, add sharpening effects in this clip.
  • Then, export it. During exporting 108Op, fps: 30 (full), Quality: high.
  • Open your app, import the video we saved from Alight Motion, and do a project.
  • Go to the speed tool; you can go straight to the slowest as fasten your clip to 2x or 4x. Save it after.
  • Remove the clip from a studio.
  • Import the video and save it.
  • Finally, go to the speed tool again, then slow it down to 0.1x. also, don’t forget to select the smooth option and save this Slow-mo clip.

Slow-mo in 12 fps

12fps has a slightly same method as 30fps with a difference. After you add your clip and sharpen the setting. Change the fps from 30 to 12 fps. Although 12fps is way slower than 30fps, both have smooth slow-mo.

How can I make a velocity flash edit?

  • First, click on a clip and choose it.
  • Secondly, adjust them to 40 and choose to apply to all click overlays, and press adds an overlay.
  • Then, go to stock videos and choose the white video to stretch it to hold your whole screen.
  • Split the video to how long you want the flash to last, press splice and choose overlay click animation out.
  • Thirdly, choose fade-out and copy the video. Repeatedly delete and move the videos to the start of each clip.
  • Type a full stop that changes the obesity to 16. Click animation loop and select random flash to reduce the speed to the fastest
  • Spread text to the whole screen and split the text to how long you want the flash to last.
  • Get your wonderful flash edit clip.

How To Use Alight Motion Presets?


To do this, follow the mentioned below steps:

  • First, download the XML file.
  • Secondly, share and add it to your Alight Motion application after downloading.
  • Then open your project and click the ‘Edit’ option, where you’ll get the copy paste option.
  • Copy and paste the effect on the video. In this way, the desired effect will be applied to your video.

How to add a QR code for velocity in Alight motion?

Alight Motion is a great video editing application that allows you to use QR codes for your videos. It’s an excellent method to add interaction and interest to your films. Additionally, using QR codes, you can transfer a variety of works from other members into your mobile device. Additionally, Alight motion includes a QR code for ‘velocity.’

The steps listed below can also be used to add and scan velocity QR codes using Alight motion.

  • Get your phone’s application open.
  • The camera viewfinder will appear when you press the camera icon on the top left side of the display.
  • Move your phone toward the velocity QR code.
  • When a velocity QR code appears on display, you may click it to see its information page.

How does velocity shake in Alight motion?

Velocity shaking is a fantastic method to give your Alight Motion video project extra visual attraction. The steps to perform velocity shaking in Alight motion are as follows:

  • Firstly, move to the ‘timeline’ in your Alight Motion application where you wish to apply the velocity shaking.
  • Secondly, choose the layer to which the effect should be applied.
  • Hit the ‘FX’ button on the screen’s bottom.
  • Afterward, select ‘Velocity Shake’ in the list of effects.
  • You can modify the shake’s frequency, intensity, and direction.
  • Finally, save and export the video after performing all the steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to move layers in Alight Motion?

You can adjust the layers in this application by dragging the layers from left to right.

Which application is best for velocity editing?

Alight Motion is the best app for editing velocity.

Also check how to do transitions on alight motion.


Regarding characteristics, Alight Motion ranks as one of the finest video-ending applications because it provides you with numerous options. With velocity edits, making a catchy and appealing video is easier. Editing velocity is considerably simpler now than ever, thanks to the Alight Motion app. It makes fast-edited videos more compelling and attention-grabbing for the viewer. The usage of this approach by many professional YouTubers and TikTokers gives their videos a polished appearance. After reviewing all the above steps and procedures, you will also understand how to do velocity edits on Alight motion.

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