Why does alight motion keep crashing?

Why Does Alight Motion Keep Crashing?

Many factors can cause the well-known video editing program Alight Motion to crash. Among the most frequent causes of why Alight Motion keeps crashing is when there is insufficient storage or memory capacity. If you want to learn why does alight motion keep crashing? Follow the article till the end. 

What are the causes behind of alight motion keep crashing?

Below are possible causes behind this crashing:

  • ¬†Nonetheless, the program may crash if you use many features or functions simultaneously.
  • An older software version incompatible with the phone’s operating system can also be the cause.
  • ¬†Moreover, the application may also crash due to faulty installation or data damage.
  • Users can clear up space on their smartphones.
  • Also, they should regularly install updates and limit the number of effects they apply in their videos to prevent these issues from occurring.¬†

How to fix Alight Motion crashes while exporting and operating? Android or iOS

  • Clean the application’s cache regularly.
  • Ensure you aren’t linked to the web before starting Alight Motion, specifically while using the modified version.
  • Data or Wi-Fi ought to be turned off.

Another method to fix crashes while exporting files is mentioned below:

  • Restart the Alight Motion application.
  • Then create a duplicate file of your project and export it without editing.
  • Your project’s bitrate should be between 8.00Mbps and 7.0mbps. Don’t shut off your phone while the app is processing to export.
  • This method will prove effective for you.

Here I have a video tutorial for you as well. Please have a look, it will make things more easy for you.

Fix Alight Motion Crashing Problem

What are the tips to avoid crashes while exporting a file In Android Or IOS?

Follow the tips given in the infographic below:

why does alight motion keep crashing? Guide and Tips
Tips to avoid crashes in alight motion

How to clear the cache on Alight Motion?

Data is temporarily stored in a particular form of memory called the cache.

The cache is built to make the application run more efficiently. It will be good to clear the cache timely so the app will run smoothly. To do this so, do the steps given below:

  • Open the application and tap on the ‘settings menu.’
  • Then choose “Clear Cache” from there. 

Your project will operate more efficiently, and space will be freed up when you do this because all the cached data will be removed by doing this.

Also learn about alight motion keyframes.

Why does the Alight Motion application cause trouble in the opening?

Many people might be facing trouble opening the Alight Motion app. There can be several causes for this:

1. Check your data or Wi-Fi connection if your app is loading repeatedly but not functioning. Sometimes operating is difficult because your connection could be faster.

2. Look for an error notice; the official application administrators may have banned or cancelled your account.

3. Many people are using this application at once, so a server might be down. In this case, have patience and wait a while to solve the issue.

4. Sometimes, your application will only open if the hosting server is available.

Why does Alight Motion keep kicking me out?

That could be due to several factors, including insufficient space on your phone. Therefore, the application would be too heavy for the phone on which you are operating. Also, an updated version of the application might be caused, or because of numerous background apps running simultaneously.

Why can’t you enter in Alight Motion?

  • One may be unable to use Alight Motion if their device is incompatible because this application isn’t compatible with every device.
  • Technical problems such as glitches or malfunctions could prevent this app from opening and operating.
  • You might not b able to open the application if your device’s storage is full.
  • If you are having trouble with the subscription, opening or operating an Alight Motion application might not be possible.

Can you use Alight Motion without paying?

Yes, you can use this app without paying, as this application is free to use. For premium version you can download Alight Motion Pro APK.


After reading this article, you will know the causes of ‘why Alight Motion keeps crashing‘ and how to fix problems like slow loading times and crashes by following the steps mentioned above. By follow the steps given above, you can also clear your cache on this application. 

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